Adorn Me

I’ve never wanted to get additional ear piercings, because I was too afraid I’d regret it later, never had the desire for unnecessary pain by needle, and wasn’t that into punk. Frankly, I have a hard time drawing attention to the side of my head, namely my hairline. But it is really hard to ignore my recent appreciation of the single earring and hair jewelry happening right now in the accessories world. Piercing on all counts, is definitely a hallmark of punk style – in a safety-pin through the ear kind of way. Even if I consider a delicate piercing, it is out of the question for me, as my children delicately told me they would disown me if I were to pierce any body part. While I still fantasize in some way about going through with it, and regret my 19-year-old self bailing on the prospect, (I have truly seen too many horror stories) my ear cartilage is happy to be in tact.


Pamela Love head piece, Mara Hoffman runway show spring 2013

Edgy and modern Generation Xers are constantly searching for something new. With their ears, lips, nose, and others piercings already adorned, they are on the hunt for the next body adornment. Not part of Generation X nor Y, with all the offerings available now, I am happy to say that you don’t need to pierce a body part to get the look. Why not try a toe ring this summer?  Or jump into hair jewelry, or the single unmatched earring in a hole that is already pierced? Obviously Claire’s does the ball and chain thing pretty nicely for the under-13 set, but I have a new-found appreciation for all things delicate and simple. With a downtown edge. No needless needles going through my body required.

Today on The Fashion Hunter, we celebrate the adornments sans needles and the temporary fix to get just the decoration your ear and head is looking for. The key to decorating your limbs is to mix and match a me with a spiked cuff, and watch all those single eyes widen.

Screen Shot 2013-05-15 at 6.12.16 PM

From top left: all links are optimized for your shopping pleasure. Why don’t you try a cloud and lip? A star and me? Your choice of the 11 things for the win.

1. Max & Chloe Nolan Chain black diamond chain cuff earring, $340.00

2. BCBGMAXAZRIA chain elastic headband, $48.00

3. Nasty Gal Hematite spiked ear cuff, $25.00

4. Maison Michel ‘Liberty’ Studded headband, 651.00

5. Delfina Delettrez Eye ball in gold/pearl/enamel single earring, $575.00

6. RP Encore single ear crow earring, $100.

7. Perfect for spring “It can’t rain all the time” single earring by Delfina Delettrez who lends us her sense of humor on our lobes, $320.00

8. Jacquie Aiche Ball chain ear cuff, $165.00

9. Jennifer Fisher star mini star and moon with pave diamonds, $1,200

10. Jennifer Meyer me stud in rose gold, $275.00 to mix your messages on a daily basis, $275.

11. Anni Jurgenson ear cuff with gold-plated spikes, $47.00

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