Mother’s Day

I recently asked a handful of the chicest moms I know to tell me about their dream Mother’s Day gifts. The common theme? Jewelry, homemade breakfast in bed, and some sleep. I can totally relate to that and the older my kids get, the more I just want the sleep portion of the day, and some good hugs, rather that anything else. With each passing year, my understanding of what it means to be a mother deepens, gets challenged and teaches me more and more about myself. Even with the joys, trials, and tribulations of motherhood, given life’s circumstances, there is no way I would trade it for the world. Today and throughout the weekend, The Fashion Hunter is dedicating this to all the beautiful mothers in the world, especially my own.

As far as what to get mom, she would probably be happy with just a long phone call, but why not go the extra mile for the woman who spent five hours baking your birthday cake or consoled you when that guy broke your 16-year old heart? Not a mom? You can give these things to yourself too, you know.

This is a brief collage of last-minute gift ideas should you find yourself without anything to give her on Sunday. Those on team mom, shift your eyesight just below where you will find a small slew of ideas, and don’t forget to show your appreciation and thank her for giving you a life which is more than anybody can ask.

Screen Shot 2013-05-09 at 7.32.19 PM

Starting top left: Acne Studios ponyhair baseball cap for those moments that you just want to have that extra shade. Moving down the ladder, Catbird stackable necklaces because You are My moon and Stars says just about everything. Who has time for a mani pedi these days? Let alone waiting for the polish to dry?  Hopefully somebody will cut you a break and give you the gift of time. This Butter LONDON black nail polish is awesome, get a similar one from NARS.

Middle row, on the top, the Jayson Home Burlap vase with the white roses inside is just the thing to make her smile. Did somebody mention rest? ZZZ right on this Calypso St. Barth skull rabbit pillow, no alarm clock needed. I was told by my dermatologist how important using face cream is especially now that the sun’s rays are known to be damaging to the skin, causing unwanted wrinkles. Fresh Black Tea Age-Delay cream is just the magic potion you need.

And finally, spread the joy and light up the room with some black votivestell everyone how much you love them with this Paris Love ring, curl up with a cool stack of DIOR books, have your freaking Magnum Ice Cream bar if you want, and call it a night. Because nobody deserves it more than you.

Here’s to mom.

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  1. julie goldberg

    Love the candles and flowers…the little luxuries that fill the home with yummy scents. Happy mothers day! And yes, ending the day with a little ice cream is a good way to treat yourself too!!!

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