Adorn Me

I’ve never wanted to get additional ear piercings, because I was too afraid I’d regret it later, never had the desire for unnecessary pain by needle, and wasn’t that into punk. Frankly, I have a hard time drawing attention to the side of my head, namely my hairline. But it... Read More

White On

With the official start of spring over and out, boots put away into storage, I can’t think of a cleaner more appropriate look right now than white shoes. Put an end to the debate whether or not white shoes are a thing. They are. Cobblestone streets in the concrete jungle... Read More

By Nature

A recent appreciation for all lip adorned accoutrements, combined with the onset of Coachella , had me probing into other possible unique body accessories such as those that exist in nature. Recent harsh wintry-weather has plugged Mother Nature as the devil, but if there was ever a time for forgiveness, this is... Read More