What You Want to Wear: Stripes and Denim

And Here’s How to Do It. 

The last thing on my mind before I head out the door, is answering the question, what I am going to wear today? My daily decisions start with what daily exercise I am going to which consists of either a barre class, spinning, running, or surfing, and what ingredients what will be in my morning smoothie. Then I think about what garments will I put on my body? Here is how I get dressed in three easy steps. Wear stripes and denim to start.

1. Consider the uniform.

I have mentioned this concept several times because it works. I have other decisions to make like what ingredients will go into my smoothie, or how to bite my tongue after my kids refuse to listen. What drives this though is the weather, and trusting myself that I know when I see my reflection i will be happy with the result. As for my skin? This stuff works.

striped top

2. Use Summer to your Advantage.

There aren’t that many days that we / you / the collective us can put on barely anything and go outside except these precious two months. I like to wear either all-white, all-black, nautical stripes and denim as safe choices for uniform ideas.

denim skirt

3. Make it Simple.

I paired a simple striped shirt with a denim skirt here but there are plenty of other options to consider.

denim skirt

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Reformation skirt, SHOP SIMILAR

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Dolce Vita shoes

Shaffer LA bag

striped shirt

denim skirt

pink bucket bag

summer uniform

denim skirt

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Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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