What to Wear Now

What to wear now!

Six beach essentials for 4th of July holiday:

To commemorate the birth of our great nation, I  usually head to the beach for the long weekend to celebrate with friends and family.  After years of  Friday afternoon road trips to the Hamptons,  I know the routine like the back of my hand.  Always trying to dodge the traffic but always losing, I now make sure my ipod has fabulous music so I can get my car seat dance groove on.

What does this weekend have in store for you?

The weekend brings the beach, parties, fireworks, visiting my favorite local haunts, good food, BBQs, snowcones, delving into a good book, and conversing with many people.

Will you do all of the above?

More importantly, at least to me, what are you going  to wear?

Here is my roundup of things I love:

Calypso Sheer White Cover Up

Chanel Towel, K. Jacques sandals

Rebecca Taylor bikini

Tom Ford Cat Eye Sunglasses

Wide Brimmed Hat

Rattan Beach Tote with Essentials

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