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Last summer Silly Bandz were all the rage. Kids and adults alike grabbed these colorful rubber bands off the shelves before you could say “I want these now” and if you turned around, alas, they were gone.

This summer a different variety of plastique bracelet has swept the retailers by storm. Colorful stretchy power chains coined BRACED-LETS are the fashion statement du jour. The colored rubber links are connected by metal brackets. They are the brainchildren of Drs . Marc Lemchen and Jennifer Salzer, New York orthodontists who then enlisted the creative talents of designer Lisa Salzer of Lulu Frost jewelry to produce the line.

Funny this should come onto my wrist because I grew up with those metal brackets.  My father, Dr. Unter was an orthodontist for 31 years.

What is his take?
“A cute fad that will encompass certain age groups in pre orthodontic and current treatment.”
And more importantly? He’s upset he didn’t invent it himself. Going for at least $5 per band, he “could’ve” retired much earlier.

They are available at

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  1. Kristen Colapinto

    Great post!!!! Love the bracelets – I am planning to make some ‘friendship bracelets’ on my flight to Vegas next week! I am loving the idea of doing so – I used to make them in high school and want to incorporate some new elements into these (some metal hardware, beads or shells. Anyway, I LOVE your new blog and am looking forward to seeing what you post next, xoxoxo*:-)

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