What to Wear in August

Though July is New York City’s hottest month, August offers little relief. Subway stations and crowded streets are hot and sweaty places, but they’re unavoidable for most New Yorkers. With long, sunny days and temperatures soaring into the high 80s and low 90s, you should make several wardrobe considerations. New York, in the summer, is a hot, and especially dirty city. For the duration of the summer, I will only stick to all-white as my uniform, as the city’s grime doesn’t bother me. When you’re wondering what to wear in August, take these cues. Put on a white dress, dress it up with a choker, and sandals. If you’re feeling good, try out some fancy footwork to add just the right touch. Forget about the dirt. Pack a Tide stick.

There are no rules for wearing white, except do not wear this to a wedding. I love wearing white and the way it compliments my wardrobe. In the Fall, I mix off-whites creams, and beiges in its place. It’s the perfect seamless transition from Summer to Fall.

Maybe you grew up hearing the rules for wearing white and you’re a stickler for them. Or you may have heard these rules and decided to wear what you want, when you want, anyway. Fashion changes all the time, so what was considered a “law” at one time is outdated today. Traditionalist or fashion rebel – when it comes to white clothing, the choice is yours.

Shop what to wear in August in NYC

what to wear in August

white dress

white dresses

Bella Luxe white dress

Tony Bianco shoes

Fallon choker, shop similar


white dresses

Proenza Schouler white bag

white dress


Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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