Staying Motivated

I have summer on the brain. Work has been overturned by family obligations, summer’s end, and all the fun that brings. These past few weeks, I have been concentrating on everything BUT work or my to-do list. My body and my brain are telling me to take it easy, hence the lack of posting. The lazy days of summer have gotten the best of me, and I don’t feel bad about it. Now, when I start a project, I put on a timer, even for 35 minutes to jump start my productivity. Fighting to be effective doesn’t work. It is clear that I am having a hard time staying motivated. Let’s put a stamp on it, and enjoy the rest of summer’s bounty. If you are struggling to stay focused, continue reading down below.

Read on for tips on staying motivated.

staying motivated

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  1. FOCUS I pay attention in short spurts. A few minutes here, 30 minutes there. Insert a 15 minute break for taking walks, catching up with friends, and turning off distractions. No emails, iMessage, instagram. Use that time to get your stuff done.
  2. DE-STRESS I exercise 5 days a week, a habit I created for myself to keep my head and body on track. I found a great app called Mindspace, which calms me down (insert breathing), when things get hairy.
  3. WRITING. Jotting things down in my private journal helps me stay motivated. I make an editorial calendar for my blog and try to post 3 times per week. I am a big fan of list-making, most of all, for checking things off.

Stay tuned for more tips, especially relevant to easy transitioning into the new season!

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