Travel Secrets

Quite the busy bee, I am jetting off to Europe for a few days this week with a fun-packed itinerary. It will be a non-stop trip with lots to see and do. I am definitely going to make time for some downtime, though, as that is the best way to see a new city. More importantly, I thought it would be a great idea to share which pieces will make it into my suitcase, and some tips for being a chic traveler.

Want to know how to be a good traveler? My advice is to pack less stuff and just enjoy the experience. Leave your crap at home, too much stuff ruins trips. I will pack a plain white t-shirt, a pair of my favorite jeans, a sweater for the plane, sneakers for comfort, statement heels, a dress, some lipstick, toiletries, and this book. And maybe an empty suitcase.

Tips on what to pack

Hope black dress get a similar one here.

Current/Elliot jeans

Paula Cademartori yellow clutch

Olympia Le-Tan blue cropped striped shirt

Saint Laurent sandal

Cashmere travel set

Red Valentino white poplin shirt

Stan Smith specialty sneakers at Colette which I will sure to buy! Get a similar pair here and here

Tumi duffel weekend bag

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