Packing Light for A Weekend Trip

beach holiday

I’m heading out east for Father’s Day weekend and my head spins when I think about what to pack. Every time I go away for a weekend, I tend to overpack which ruins trips. I have a hard time picking out what it is I want to wear as I don’t know my weekend plans. Do I have any? Except for a Father’s Day event, no.

On Saturday morning I will most likely exercize which means I need to pack the following: a sports bra, leggings, a tank top, socks, a bandana, and sneakers. Already a bulky start.

When I do decide to get dressed and head into town to pick up an iced coffee and head to the greenmarket, I will probably want to be comfortable, yet chic. I will probably pack a button-down shirt, a crisp pair of white denim shorts (summer’s best friend), and a sweater, because it might be chilly on the beach. This is an easy look to throw on and repurpose. Even better, how about a shirt dress?

Assuming that I will make it to the beach at some point, I will want to throw on a bathing suit. I will make it a one-piece decked with greenery because its almost summer! I will throw on a sarong on top of that. Sandals? Check. Now I will make it to the beach.

For Saturday night, the protocol is usually dinner out in something that resembles this: a bohemian shirt, jeans, and a pair of clogs. Or maybe I won’t pack an extra pair of shoes and just wear the sandals again.

On Sunday, I will wear the same pair of distressed jeans, a graphic T-shirt, and the same pair of sandals. And put it all in this watermelon bag.

I pack light so I can enjoy the weekend and not be burdened by stuff.

And there are the virtues of packing light for a weekend trip. Happy Friday!

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