The Power of Prada

If there’s one designer that can dictate the direction that fashion will turn, its Miuccia Prada. Turning all heads, she sets the trends, and we as writers, editors, stylists, and consumers, are often in awe of the outcome. Dozens of imitators admire her collections, therefore funneling her “pinspirations” (Prada imitations) to the masses. In case you forgot, this season is it all about mixing prints, and the chunky platform, and Spring 2012 was all about the flaming shoe. Backstage before her Spring 2013 show, Miuccia Prada quipped ” Dream is forbidden, nostalgia is forbidden, to be sweet is not good. The clothes are the expression of this impossible dream.” Her sentiments address two opposite character traits of womanhood: toughness and the softer side, and her clothes are the expression of achieving this delicate balance. Words can hardly describe what she has designed. Ms. Prada married two historical references—1960’s minimalism and Japonisme– churning out massive Flower Power Pop and traditional kimono dressing. Yet, leave it to Miuccia’s signature style to mash the shapes and convert them into something fresh and new. Do I smell hints of Courréges from the 60’s? In this case, yes, images are everything.

Prada Spring 2013

André Courrèges

Spare and unfussy, Prada’s oversized flowers never got boring. The 60’s references: printed and appliquéd flowers and socks with sandals, big oversized red lips, were stark to the point of severity, providing the sweet counterpoint to make her point clear. Let’s inject a little humor into these mighty powerful accessories. Starting with the sandal and-leather sock combo, potentially named Sockdles, Sansocks, or maybe Dals-n’socks right here:

Either you’re going to like this trendy bankable Prada touch– kid-leather socks in pink, white, or gold with massive Japanese platforms or you’re not. Fashion doesn’t have any rules, but all bets are off whether come Spring you are going to rip out your silver socks with the aforementioned sandals. While I won’t poo-poo these–they will most likely sell like hot cakes–they do seem like you just ran out of the house to do carpool and forgot your shoes. I’m all for comfort and convenience, towering Harajuku lovers might just be the cool girls.

What about those red lips? Sexy and oversized, and twice the size of normal lips, Pat McGrath, the makeup artist for the show, says it was her idea to streamline the look with a shade called HOT by CoverGirl. The result was the austere white-etched flowers on stark black. And those bags…..

Power. Beauty. Sex. Ultrachic. Intelligent. And wearable, too. I’m in love.

Photos, The Red List.

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