The One

For the past month or so, I have been on the hunt, so to speak, for the perfect dress to wear for the many celebratory occasions that are taking place this month. My daughter is turning 13, and is anxiously awaiting the ceremony that will turn her into a woman. Becoming a Bat Mitzvah, is a huge accomplishment, and a milestone. Reading Torah isn’t an easy task–I can distinctly remember mine. But I’ve learned in my life, that it’s not the Bat Mitzvah that allows you growth, oh no. It’s the way in which you teach yourself how to feel comfortable in your own skin, wash your own dirty laundry, and exude an air of self-confident in the way you hold yourself out there in the world. Unedited.

My requirements of the perfect dress? Flirty, yet sexy, full of movement, but not too girly, with just the right cut-outs, in just the right places. Not unlike any other challenge that awaits me, this one was met with fury– searching the black hole of the internet, and shops, both near and far, to find perfection. I have been hiding under many a dressing room curtain, until I depleted every option under those fluorescent lights.

And as my story would have it, some dresses were too short, some were simply not appropriate, worn by guests of the said party, and some were just not quite enough of a statement for the Fashion Hunter. It was against all odds that one recent midnight hour as I was  searching on Far Fetch, totally unscripted, I yelled, “OMG, I finally found you!”

I immediately texted the shop owner, and they luckily had my size, albeit one left in stock. When I saw it, I fell in love. It is the perfect red-carpet worthy dress, for sure, and in it, I feel like the KwEeN of the world, with a capital K.


Tanya Taylor dress at OWEN, Sophie Hulme Mini Envelope Clutch, Super Retro Future sunglasses Prada peep toe sandals.

I look for a great cut, namely one that is flattering on a small frame, and details that don’t compromise like this floral print top, cut out waist detail, and flared mid-length hem. I can confidently confirm that yes, it’s the best I’ll ever have. Although it seems like a lot to pay for a dress, at $1,500, it can dance on its own and you can’t put a price tag on perfect. Just watch.



See you on the dance floor, I’ll be dancing the hora.


photos by Michael Dumler

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