The Bees Knees

As a proud member of the 5’ can-you-reach-that-shelf-for-me-club, I’ve been on the hunt for the ideal over-the-knee boots. These boots, as a community, have a reputation for fitting and hanging better on those who are tall. But that didn’t deter me from finding love in what was the Chanel runway in Paris from Fall and still dreaming about how I can extend my tibia a few inches longer to get that Je ne sai quoi that is Chanel.

Chanel knee high boots

Chanel Fall 2013


But I digress. It is hardly surprising that I fell in love. Pucci in a similar fashion also turned heads with their suede version of the boot and both designers proved that killer boots can be practical, classy, and versatile. Take a look below: the combination of the long bangs and short skirts had the signature Pucci swirl. The archive print was rehashed for minis paired with beaded T-shirts, tunics belted and worn as dresses, and black and white knits covered in studs. Balancing out all those micro hemlines were these way-way-over-the-knee suede boots; which stilled the hearts of a few in the audience. And mine.

Pucci Fall 2013

Pucci Fall 2013

These over-the-knee boots are fantastic on the models but you’re still not convinced you can pull off this trend. You’re probably thinking, “I’m not a model, I can’t possibly look that good in those babies!” Yes, you can. Here’s how.

If you’re petite, wear the boot slightly below your knee rather than above it. Keep your eye on the proportions of your outfit. Showing little or no skin when you’re small, doesn’t work. Even a model, who is probably way over 5’9”, like the one below, can wear an under-the-knee-boot because it shows some skin. Voilá!

long elegant legs

dress: long elegant legs

Even more so if you’re petite, you want to elevate your height right? So pop on those heels. A platform is best, but it really does create the illusion of longer legs.

platform boots

gianmarco lorenzi platform boots

Keep it classy. Steer clear of super-short skirts and shorts. I really like the long-sleeve knit dress. Keep it real, keep it PVC, but leather is better.

long-sleeve knit dress

h&m dress and pvc boots, get a similar dress here and boots here 

Go for something other than black. Add some panache with a beige suede pair which opens up plenty of styling possibilities. Don’t want the heel? See below, this is for you.

giuseppe zannuotigiuseppe zannuti  

There is a great selection out there right now, on sale, so go fill your carts, the prices below range from $59.99 for the Guess grey pair, to over 1,000. for the Balmain beauties. It’s the holidays and these are the perfect answer for the cold wintry nights out on the town.

over the knee boots

3.1 phillip lim ora boots, bebe danica over the knee boots, Balmain suede, G by Guess trinna boots, topshop dazzle, roberto cavalli cuissard suede boots, melissa by frye black beauties.

Lastly, keep it simple. Just because your boots are bold doesn’t mean the rest of your outfit needs to be. Given that they will attract a lot of attention on their own, try taking everything down a notch. My rule? Add your accessories as usual, then take the last one off. Don’t overdo hair or makeup, consider wearing a loose ponytail for a relaxed vibe. In other words, don’t be a Miley.

Miley Cirus over the knee bootschristian louboutin suede over the knee boots if you dare

Check out these sweater dresses I just found.

Do you rock knee-highs on a regular basis, or have any neat styling tips to share? Do weigh in via the comments or social links below.


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