3.1 Phillip Lim

The Bees Knees

As a proud member of the 5’ can-you-reach-that-shelf-for-me-club, I’ve been on the hunt for the ideal over-the-knee boots. These boots, as a community, have a reputation for fitting and hanging better on those who are tall. But that didn’t deter me from finding love in what was the Chanel runway... Read More

Flipping Out

October is one of my all-time favorite months. The weather has been so delightful, sunny and in the high 60’s during the day, and crisp and cool and night, the perfect layering weather. I love watching the leaves change, picking ripe apples, and an early sunset. Just kidding about the... Read More

Sleepless Saturday

Guys, it’s happening. New York Fashion Week has begun with a bang. Here’s the thing. I’m so excited about what is coming down the pipes for spring. A sea of black  at Sally LaPointe, deep V necks at Rag & Bone, and sleep just is NOT an option. Yesterday I hit several... Read More

Grey Matters

Not everything in life is black and white although we would like to think so. Rather than compartmentalizing everything into two categories, why not accept the fact that not everything is clear-cut and set in stone. Nothing ever ends really. The same can be said for your wardrobe. I love... Read More


Photo: Michael Dumler Ahhh..summer! I hope everyone had a fantastic 4th of July holiday. I spent most of the time poolside, with family and friends, and indulging on my favorite summery treats. I channeled my patriotic spirit by wearing pops of red white and blue, in the accessory department and... Read More

Lip Service

The eyes are the mirror to the soul. Feet are smelly after a long winter of being stuffed into socks and boots. But lips are one of the first things we notice on a face, so its important to keep them healthy and kissable. Honestly, today is National “Lips Appreciation... Read More

The Carven Code

In the city of light, the international shows are happening right now, and I’m noticing a push against the bright colors and digital prints over the past few years. Focused on basic blacks and white, covered-up sporty separates, or layered skirts over pants, there is a rise of modesty. I’m... Read More

Ride On

While watching Girls Episode 3 the other night, Hannah’s new editor at a potential freelance position, pushes her to think outside of her Brooklyn-based box for her first story assignment. For Hannah, it was a coke adventure gone awry, as she rode the white line for a winning story. Although... Read More

Let the Fashion Games Begin

  If a picture is worth a thousand words, then what’s a video worth? In case you did ever wonder what the definition of “getting ready for Fashion Week” really means. In the throes of Day 4, today is my birthday!, I will be heading to the tents for some more... Read More

Fashion for Breakfast

In an abrupt transition from beach to back-to-school kool, Fashun Week officially begins in T-Minus 2 days with a Bang! Boom! PoW!  I will be humming along with the new tunes blaring on the runways, instagramming and filtering, tweeting till my fingers fall off, updating and checkin-in on Fachebook, and drinking lots... Read More