Fashion for Breakfast

In an abrupt transition from beach to back-to-school kool, Fashun Week officially begins in T-Minus 2 days with a Bang! Boom! PoW!  I will be humming along with the new tunes blaring on the runways, instagramming and filtering, tweeting till my fingers fall off, updating and checkin-in on Fachebook, and drinking lots and lots of coffee. And, most importantly, reporting and hunting for all the new lewks that will be rocking your world come Spring. BTW, drinking loads of caffeinated beverages has nothing to do with Fashion Week, except the fact that when I don’t have that much time to eat, Red Bull becomes the liquid alternative. Not by choice. This lack of substance will not leave me deprived hinder my ability to write in a cohesive fashion. In fact, just the opposite. All the eye candy on the runways and street style happenings near Lincoln Center will fulfill all my hunger pangs. It might leave you, my readers, stunned as you stare at this page in the next few days. What?

Oscar de la Renta ruffle blouse, Get a similar one here by MCQ, J Brand Super Skinny leather pants, 3.1 Phillip Lim leather Moto Jacket, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch.

As of Monday afternoon, I built myself a make-shift closet, preparing for this frantic week. I printed out my schedule, whipped out my Advil and flats, and suddenly stopped in my tracks. Knowing full well that fashion plays with the moods of the day–will it rain? (Oh no) What is Anna Wintour going to wear? Where are my Alaia booties?—I will inevitably change my outfit numerous times. Ah, the surprises that await me. After two conferences today and tomorrow, and Fashion’s Night out this Thursday, I will be posting as many photos as I can upload. Internship, anyone?

Consider this a summons to follow the hunter. Come join the soirée! Don’t be an anti-socialmedialite. See you at the tents! xo

Photos: Michael Crook

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