Travel Light

When I travel in the summer months to any warm weather destination, I tend to pack less. Any savvy traveler knows that when heading to any place other than the Hamptons, there are massive sales on beachwear. Especially in the Caribbean. I love wearing white as you know, and certainly adding black makes... Read More

Life’s a beach

From Memorial Day (which is quickly approaching) to Labor Day, I try to jam-pack everything warm-weather related into a few very short weeks. I remember when I was in high school and thought that summer lasted forever. I even bought a tee-shirt that said “Forever Summer.” But reality bites, it... Read More

Street Style From Down Under

Brought to you by Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Sydney, Australia. New York Fashion week, is a whopping four months away, so we look across the globe to Sydney which just wrapped up this past week. As I watched fashion updates pop up on the internet, the vibrant city of... Read More