Jil Sander

Lace-Up Boots

The month of November calls for comfort with a capital C. Running around the city going from point A to point B, in a grid-like city like New York, your feet become your car and the vehicle that transports you around. Unless of course you have an Über account. Although... Read More

The Golden Hour

Because it’s Monday, and here we are back again at the only time of year where it’s acceptable to gorge on pork, dairy products, and peppermint-sprinkled sugar cookies for three weeks straight. We are also required to drink anything other than clear liquor, and generally act like a fat ass... Read More

White On

With the official start of spring over and out, boots put away into storage, I can’t think of a cleaner more appropriate look right now than white shoes. Put an end to the debate whether or not white shoes are a thing. They are. Cobblestone streets in the concrete jungle... Read More


On the tail-end of January, few things are more comforting than contemplating the new season’s styles. In lieu of what’s to come down the runways next month for Fall 2013 (see: Céline reincarnations of the furry Birkenstock, rainbow shades of emerald), fans of monochromatic dressing, rejoice. I am looking forward to... Read More

Purse change

A schlepper (the yiddush word to haul or carry) of sorts, I am always the lucky one with Tylenol, Purell, lipstick, 2 phones, keys, a printed iCal, gum, battery chargers, a spare pair of shoes, bottles of water, and the manual on how to use it all. As a mom... Read More

From Milan Part 2

As I mentioned yesterday, I am finishing my roundup of the shows in Milan with Dolce and Gabbana, Jil Sander, and my favorite of the lot, Prada. Just to put the timing of all this into perspective, as I write this I am also watching  jeweled toned dresses pop-up on... Read More