Time Away From the Tech Toy

In today’s New York Times Style section there was an article titled “Step Away From The Phone!,” that clearly caught my eye. It offers an interesting perspective on the current backlash that technology, and precisely our phones, have on our lives as my daughter Snapchats away. A few examples of New... Read More

Hands on

Are you addicted to your mobile phone? I know I am. There are times I can’t get off my iPhone for many reasons: to edit a blog post, approve comments, log onto Twitter, check my email, answer a Facebook question, just to name a few. It only took glove manufacturers... Read More

Steve Jobs. Publisher and Innovator.

    This week the world lost a visionary, an innovator and an inspiration. Steve Jobs’ brilliant creations filled our worlds with wonder; his faith in the future gave us hope for the present.  I felt this immense sense of loss this past Wednesday. I never met Steve Jobs, but he has been with me... Read More