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Are you addicted to your mobile phone? I know I am. There are times I can’t get off my iPhone for many reasons: to edit a blog post, approve comments, log onto Twitter, check my email, answer a Facebook question, just to name a few. It only took glove manufacturers ’til nearly  2012 to come up with “texting” gloves, so now I don’t have to peel off my gloves to ping somebody from my iPhone or iPad. Fashion labels from Michael Kors to Rag and Bone have finally jumped onto this and solved the arduous task of tweeting in the freezing cold. Here are my new hot pink C. Wonder fingers.

These mobile mitts have been popping up all over runways and in stores just in time for the millions of people who use their handheld devices 24/7. The notion of all these people without tech-savy gloves inspired Topshop to design gloves for men with a thumb that flips back. So cool- like a flip thumb.

Photo by F. Martin Ramen for the Wall Street Journal

Gloves left to right: J. Crew, Michael Kors, Topman, Rag and Bone, Ronson Gloves

To me these gloves are a necessity, inspired by manual laborers not new-world techies. They are utilitarian chic. You need your fingers out for labor, right? Right. Fashion meets function. Look at these sleek gloves from Chanel.

Chanel 2011

Chanel 2011

The legendary Karl Lagerfeld is rarely ever seen without his metallic, leather or sometimes studded fingerless gloves on. It’s biker-punk meets tech-geek chic.

Isotoners even got on the bandwagon. Now I will not have to text with my teeth anymore. Try them out and thank me later. LOL.

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  1. I just bought a pair of great leather driving gloves with smart fingers! Love them! And I bought my mom a pair too — hers are black leather which have “invisible” sensors, so the tips of her fingers are the same color as the rest. I thought she wouldn’t like the look of the young/mod ones. Yours are cute!

  2. Stephanie Unter

    Thanks Julie! Which leather driving gloves did you get? Do tell. I am obsessed with them and bought them as gifts all around!

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