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Spice up Your Fall Basics

Fall is great. The sun is shining. October is my favorite month, when these early days of fall make getting dressed so much fun. When you can look forward to jumping out of bed at 7am, that’s the cinch. New energy pumps through your veins. It’s like a rebirth of your soul. There’s the ponchos! The boots! The turtlenecks! The fringe! The suede! The new leather jacket! So. Many. Options. Let’s be honest with one another. how many black sweaters do you have? I can’t even (count mine). There, I proved myself right. that’s right folks. The fashion color wheel has turned and Pantone called it. Although the white and black infallible basics will always be there, adding color and experimenting is a great way to spice up your fall basics.

After this post, you will begin to question what you’ve dubbed your “staples” and with the help of your friend, a stylist, that would be me, you’ll soon realize that before you buy another “boyfriend blazer,” you really, really don’t need one.

Let me demonstrate how to get a head start on the things you will need this season, bringing to attention that just by adding one color that you may not be used to wearing, the tide shifts, you don’t match the city streets, and you can put a smile on your face.

spice up your wardrobe

spice up your fall basics

red sweater

red sweater

Topshop cable knit sweater

J Brand jeans

Chanel shoes/ Chanel vintage chain belt

Derek Lam bag

Hermes scarf

All it takes is a little color and you can add it in the top, the neck scarf, or both. Still love this paired with denim. And, of course, the pumps.

red sweater

red sweater

red sunglasses

And the red sunglasses are so on FLEEK. Don’t like red? How about yellow?


Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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