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One afternoon, when I was old enough to take the crosstown bus by myself in New York City, when tokens were a part of our lexicon, I recall passing Bergdorf Goodman while on my way with friends at the 57th Street stop. I remember thinking how grand the 5th Avenue landmark was, and did I need an invite to get in? My friend proudly proclaimed that it was her favorite store in the world even at the tender age of 14, and that she wanted her ashes to be scattered there. As for myself, I was still shopping in the boy’s department at Brooks Brothers as nothing else fit me, ūüôā and I thought it was pretentious of her to shop at a store that my mother frequented.


Years later, I am a¬†Bergdorf Goodman¬†patient and hesitate going anywhere else for my monthly routine visits. The elaborate windows draw you in, the magic awaits each one of us as we enter’s its doors, and the whole retail store lends itself to a dramatic experience. At this point in my life, I do most of my shopping through My Hunts, but if I am going out to shop in an actual brick and mortar store, there are very few I will enter, and¬†Bergdorfs¬†is on my hit list.

Who is the Bergdorf Woman? She is a sharp, fashion-forward go-getter with a highly edited shop at her fingertips. Fashion is tricky business and the iconic store is a laboratory for new talents. Linda Fargo, the¬†senior vice president of the fashion office and store presentation, shops for that talent, and is the luxury department store’s chief trend spotter, ambiance master and gatekeeper of style. She sets the bar by predicting trends, and is a true leader deciding whether a designer and his or her collection is BG worthy. And she supposedly is a very real person, extremely admirable, and is a riot to work with. And its a win-win shopping with¬†sharp-tongued personal shopper¬†Betty Halbreich¬†who is¬†not afraid of saying exactly what’s on her mind.

From retail dreams to reality, have you ever wanted to go behind the scenes at one of the most iconic department stores in the world? Wouldn’t you want to sit back and watch what goes on behind the scenes, with a bag of popcorn, the real gut-wrenching belly scenes behind this iconic establishment? Huh? Huh? You’re just in luck, read on.

A new documentary premiering May 3rd,¬†Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s¬†delves into¬†Bergdorf Goodman’s¬†rise from a simple shop to a pillar of fashion culture. The scene of many a fashion fantasy, the documentary, filmed in conjunction with Bergdorf’s 111th anniversary, features testimonials from a¬†WWD‘s worth of fashion luminaries, including¬†Michael Kors, Rachel Zoe, Oscar de la Renta, Domenico Dolce and Stefano Gabbana,¬†and¬†the Olsen twins.¬†It also traces the history of the high-profile figures that have been devoted shoppers at the store, which has been open since 1899.

To celebrate, The Fashion Hunter is giving away¬†two tickets to the exclusive screening¬†on May 2nd.¬†Without giving away the dirty gossip, and the hilarious vignettes, (I will only say that Yoko Ono once bought 70 furs on Christmas Eve),¬†you have a chance to peek behind the backroom doors¬†and into the reality of the fascinating inner workings and fabulous untold stories from Bergdorf Goodman. Want to win? Want to hear what heavy-weights are weighing in? Here’s how:

Post your favorite look, tell a story, show a lipstick, tell a tale, or write about your experience you had shopping at Bergdorf Goodman for a chance to win 2 tickets to the New York screening. The funniest, most witty and creative entry gets it all. Enter your email address in the comments below.

In order to be applicable to win, you must do the following:

· Follow @bergdorfs and @nyfashionhunter on  Instagram (if you have an iPhone)

¬∑ Like¬†Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s¬†on¬†Facebook

· Add the hashtag #GetScattered and #Followthehunter to your caption on Twitter

And watch the trailer!

I will keep the contest open all week, tweeting out a few favorites, and will choose the winner on April 30th.  Contest closed, congratulations Carolyn!

One lucky winner will receive a pair of passes to an exclusive advance screening of SCATTER MY ASHES AT BERGDORF’S on May 2nd  at 7pm at a downtown Manhattan theatre. Visit for more info!

Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf’s

Premiering May 3rd and directed by Matthew Miele, you will get a rarefied chance to peek behind the backroom doors and into the reality of the fascinating inner workings and fabulous untold stories from Bergdorf Goodman’s iconic history.  

I’ll meet you there…and Good Luck!

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  1. Some people go to therapy, some people go to yoga, “everybody’s got their somethin”. As my good friend, photographer, Christian Grattan says. “Girl, Bergdorf’s is the Mothership to you!” It is my therapy, my yoga, no mater what is going on in life, or how bad a day or week is…a little trip to that glorious building uplifts my spirits. No purchase necessary, but it is always a perk!!!!! I will work as many hours as necessary and forever and ever if …these outfits were worth it, i’m always thrilled with each one. Thanks, Christian for making me look like a superstar, and thanks to Bergdorf Goodman…. I know where I can always find a smile.

  2. Caitlin

    I was first introduced to Bergdorf’s in high school by reading Bergdorf Blondes. It became almost mythical place for me, the most fashionable place on the most fashionable street in arguably, one of the most fashionable cities. It was one of my first stops when I moved to New York after college and it did not disappoint. Journalist Ariel Leve once described Bergdorf Goodman “like a five-star hotel … You feel like you’re spending money by simply breathing”. I returned weekend after weekend for this feeling and consider one of my biggest milestones, buying my first luxury bag there last winter. Bergdorfs always offers me a great escape from the tough daily living of New York. I can spend hours building my dream outfits, imaginary lives and get creative inspiration from their out-of this-world window displays. I hope one day to share with my children this luxury department experience, that has become so rare in the age of internet shopping and smartphones cmcglynn22 at gmail dot com

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