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I’ve always set my standards high, ever reaching for loftier goals in all aspects of my life. As my alter ego -Fashion Hunter, I am my own heroine, always on the hunt for the latest, greatest, newest, freakiest, funniest, coolest hottest ting going-saving the world from fashion fails. And like the Avengers it is a collaborative effort, meaning that Fashion Hunter survives on the feedback (good or bad) from its loyal and hopefully widening readership. Keeping in character, last week I found this camo Nerf Gun in the kid section of the drug store. As I was on my way to a penthouse rooftop for a Bar iii bbq event in the West Village, I had an “Ah Ha ” moment. After one solid year of blogging, writing, attending fashion shows, and meeting new inspiring people, and carving a new niche for myself, I want to send a huge shoot-out  shout-out to all my current readers that were there for me from the beginning as well as my newest followers who I’ll do anything (well almost anything) to educate and entertain about my passion. Lets go shopping!!  Raising the bar always presents new challenges which I, thankfully, have enough energy to take on. My Nerf gun will be just one of the blog toys in my arsenal, but make no mistake about it, this ain’t kids’ stuff.

Now who’s going to help me pick out their favorite photo? AIM– FIRE –SHOOT!  I will give you credit where due on my About Me page. It is long overdue for an update. A burst of KAPOW for the urban adventurer. What do you think? In these few images, I have hand-picked the clothes on my body from the current Spring season to represent what a Hunter is and does. It’s quite clear I’m not on a blazing trail hunting for prey, I just wear the latest Loubotins, but what I do on the city streets and on the world wide web is well, quite dangerous. I get lost in the jungle for hours on end and I sometimes cannot find my way home. But I always know to keep that goal: to come out alive to show you the shit is worth every risk. By giving you my ammmo,  you get a chance to Clickety click on all my links that I show italicized and underlined. I got so carried away I almost forgot to tell you about my newest venture, the One-stop shop on my blog, and introduce to you my newest partner Currently Obsessed. It is HERE my fancy friends that I add between 6-10 new products per day that I LOVE!!  Love them too? Just click on the underlined links and it will get you to my favorite things with a buy button just a click away!! Now isn’t that COOL?? BANG!

This is veda jacket, j brand leather pantsmonrow tissue teebar iii ringtom ford sunglasseschristian louboutin heels. Nerf Gun

Now pick your fav Huntress pic that you most adore. I’ve even “gun-wild” over this necklace and have been stopped in the streets for this piece. You like??

Wildfox Gun necklace

Photos brought to you by Instagram, Michael Colgan and the team from Factory PR, BFA images, editing by Michael Crook.

Peruse below all the photos from cake pops to Coronas from the Bar iii event. Saving the world from bad fashion, I always keep my site on the prize. Wonder Woman eat your heart out.

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  1. Love the heels, even though I cannot imagine wearing them! I wish I were better at my mobile… I’d use it more! As it is, I can hardly bear to text even a couple of sentences! Your photos make me homesick. 🙂

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