Beach Days Part II

A derivative of my original Beach Days post a few weeks ago, the sun is out, at last. Hitting a high of 70 degrees today, and a possible 79 over the weekend, Memorial Day weekend is a mere 8 days away. Are you beach-ready? Bikini, check. Sunglasses, check. Sandals, check. Beach tote, check. Colorful arm baubles? check. Tight abs? Uncheck. So if you haven’t started doing 300 sit-ups a day, now is a perfect time to start. I am starting to realize that it is clearly time for a spray tan mini wardrobe infusion. Hard to imagine, but the endless possibilities of summer 2012, don’t seem so endless anymore. Surf lessons anyone? I’m ready to dive into that ocean. And in honor of Donna Summer I’ll be singing along to Last Dance. Bring it, Summer 2012.

Equipment shirt, Canfora sandals, Sensi Studio hat, Oscar de La Renta stone necklace, Celine sunnies

OndadeMar beach bag. Get a similar one here. Ben-Amun turquoise necklace. Hippie couch.

I was recently reminiscing that just a few weeks ago, my body was soaking in the rays whilst listening to the waves crash on a sunny beach in the Bahamas. I’m not going back to the Bahamas again in the next few weeks, but rather on the East Coast instead. Before I take off for those summer weekends, I will be sure to be exclusively clad in all-white everything, low-rise jeans in the pure denim and white variety, flowy tops, lots of accessories, and cool-as-shit shoes. As we look towards the weeks ahead, it will be hot and bandeaus shall rule. If not, ethereal anything will rule. So use your judgment wisely to purchase some lace, eyelet, and linen. I am trying to sell my frocks on Copius and recycle rather than allowing my purchases run wild into the depths of my already hemorrhaging closet. Here are my inspirational photos that I will present as things to ponder.

 Chan Luu black bracelet, Elisa Solomon white bracelet, Chan Luu coral bracelet, Shine handmade pink baubles, Fiona Paxton wrap bracelet

Handmade goodies from Shine.

 Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony white eyelet dress, Dannijo necklace

Stay tuned as next week, I will be featuring a few Memorial Day treats. Hostess with the mostest, and a what to pack for the beach update from last summer. Summer weekends will get a whole lot easier with a little help from your friends. In case you forget, I’ll send you the memo.

Mmmm, already smelling that bbq.


Photographs taken at Pink Sands Resort, Harbour Island, The Bahamas

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