Pre-Fall Collections

Fashion is in constant perpetual motion and fashion-camp has recommenced by spinning its wheels for hints of what’s to come down the pipeline. I almost dismissed Pre-Fall as just a small-scale production, one that can be ignored, but I thought that would be downright disrespectful. My blog and my brand is a teeny tiny production in our massive universe, and I would hate to be dismissed as just that teeny tiny dismissable unit.

Hear, hear to the pioneer!

That said, Pre-Fall is a highly anticipatory event that most of the time, fails to disappoint. These collections, that hit stores in May, typically present the transitional dressing that we-want-to-wear now combined with threads of desire for the months to come. And we are all “gimme gimme” when this relationship works. Store buyers have been asking for more fashun in preseason collections–they don’t just want a bunch of commercial clothes. Smart thinking. Luring consumers into your store, with the web at your fingertips, can be a challenging proposition.

If we are playing “which designer captures the spirit” game (see Nina Ricci, Chloé, Celine, Acne, Stella McCartney), we’ll realize that they all play up their own whimsical takes on the challenges of the season. Checkmate. The shows that I was in awe of, held in high brow presentations seen on, are inspiration for what will be landing in Lincoln Center next month. There’s no better time than the present to brush up on the fashion lexicon du jour. Leaden platforms!, 60’s mod!, and cue those hats, hats, hats! for starters.

Starting with Nina Ricci, I find the combination of a heavy knit combined with a floral skirt so new, don’t you?


At Céline, can we talk about these enormous platforms? Or straw hat?  The pilgrim brass belt buckles? Céline, oh my Céline.


Photo: The Brunette Salad

At Stella, pushing the envelope with oversized coats and stripes….this is not disposable fashion, kiddos.

Stella McCartney Autumn 2013 Presentation, New York, America - 08 Jan 2012

Photo: Billy Farrell

My takeaway? Celebrate the season of androgyny, the continuation of flat footwear (see Céline pool sliders), and the single  sole  that doesn’t need to be justified.

For some of my favorite looks click on the gallery below. That’s all.

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