Hittin’ the Slopes

Deep into the ski season, I received a cry for help from a client heading to Vail with nothing to wear. I gave her a weather update: there is currently no snow out west, but Israel got hit hard so she should adjust her plans accordingly. These weather extremes are so crazy and with all this unpredictability and chaos, extreme has been the new commonplace. With that said, I started to dig deep into my ski trunk for some ideas and wondered from which era my black Patagonia fleece neck gaitor hailed from and where I could be of service. Every year I intend to bequeath this piece to charity, but the fact is, it wards off frostbite and throbs with utility. My ski uniform was up-to-date, but I can romantically recall the ill-fitting jackets and pants of yore. Just five years ago, you had nylon, fleece, and polyester. And the forbidden proverbial Michelin Man puffy jackets. Durr.

The list of improvements over the past 5 years in ski technology have been tremendous. High-level breathable fabrics really do make a huge difference. Jackets go from the slopes to the street, and you can wear your metallic puffer while cruising down the black diamonds. I created this post, furiously on the hunt for the trends in ski gear for Winter 2013. Cue the blaring music, the all-white mountains ahead of you, and find that sweet spot whilst carving the perfect turn. Here’s my fashion show on what to wear out there.

Fullscreen capture 192013 44130 PM.bmp

Collage by Carina Gupta

JET SET Sliver Celina metallic jacket. Now on sale for $565. Get the same one in Blue midnight here. Glamourpuss makes the warmest and most fashionable fuzzies on the planet. Itchy no more, this pom-pom hat is made for those slalom turns or for shopping in the hood. Add the fur funnel and gloves for après ski. Fresh Sugar lip treatment because there is nothing worse than chapped lips. Gucci bad-ass ski goggles. Karen Millen no fuss ski pant. Oysho Fair-Isle patterned knee-socks.


The trend toward sleek and clean lines continues. Less bulk? Spyder has nailed this department and without getting too technical, a simple white jacket may be the ticket. Get it here. I am going to stick with my JET SET Silver Celina metallic jacket and pair it with black stretch pants. I have skied for so long, that just like fashion, it has become my mountain uniform. Underneath it all, I tend to show my true colors. Whether a flannel shirt, base layer pajamas with pandas, or an alpine sweater like this one from Hanna Andersonbold colors complete the look.

There are no hard and fast rules. You don’t want to have your name scribbled on the ski message board to see the Fashion Police. Whether trekking through the snow or just tweeting in the lodge, no matter what the weather, you’ll be ready to fly.

Happy skiing!


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