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Hi – Happy Friday!

Today on the Fashion Hunter, I am sharing the not so news of the glory of the one shoulder. The past few seasons, the one shoulder trend has reached a fever pitch. It has been taking over your feed, your friend’s feed, and, of course your closet. The look, reserved formerly reserved for theme parties, has elevated to a style so prevalent, it’s almost harder to find a top that doesn’t reveal a good foot of one clavicle. In fact, these tops are not a new invention. All you have to do is search images of movie stars from the 50s for evidence. Think: Lucille Ball, Brigitte Bardot, Natalie Wood and Grace Kelly, the original collarbone queens! These women collectively proved that a parenthetical swoop of fabric from shoulder to shoulder could magically make your décolletage look like the best thing since sliced Wonder Bread. Yes, the trend is as suffocating as the bathroom line at Coachella, but how long can a trend remain fresh? Not long.

one shoulder tops

How to Wear One Shoulder Tops

I love the many ways way a one shoulder piece can be worn. It is flattering as a dress, or a top over jeans. If you are a fan, that’s awesome news because the trend is showing strong signs in the retailers. Furthermore, this is flattering on everyone. In addition, it’s an easy transition piece as we enter the end of August. Almost time for back to school!

It is a simple method I have recently learned to master. Take your favorite bottoms, jeans or otherwise, and put on your favorite one shoulder top. Then pair with your favorite pair of earrings.

If exposed shoulders are dead to you and overindulged, take note. Other trends have come and gone, RIP wedge sneakers, ear cuffs, culottes, et. al), Because what the heck am I supposed to put on the upper half of my body this fall?

Fall jacket

jacket fall 17

fall look

Come winter, shoulders will be fully covered. Collarbones will be nowhere in sight. And while we’re at it, let’s say bye bye to my biceps. And my forearms? Sayonara. Take note: there will definitely a viable antidote to off-the-shoulder addiction. Throw on a jacket like this one here. But until then, let’s enjoy the party!

one shoulder

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Photos: Brian J Green

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