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5 Fashion Week Must Have Items

white dress

white dress

five items I will be wearing for fashion week

white dress

Believe it or not, New York fashion week is in T-minus 1 day and I am starting to get my life / closet together. Summer is hard to let go, but having the Fall season front and center gets me pumped year after year. The one thing I can always count on is that fashion never gets boring. Ditch the bikinis, now is the time to get camera ready. New York City will soon be a stampede of posh editors, bloggers, stylists, buyers, and shutterbugs. Not one for the weary, this said circus will be invading your favorite cafés, cameras in hand. To be honest, I have no idea of what I will actually be wearing on any given day. It depends on my mood and can change on a whim. Read below for the 5 fashion week must have items. 

All of it is part of the fun, the F in Fashion.

Fashion Week FYI

As a veteran fashion insider, the business has changed so much I never know what to expect, and this season is no different. When New York fashion week Spring 2018 kicks off next week, there will be a sea of changes. The biggest—and the one that’s gotten the most press—is that flagship brands like Rodarte, Thom Browne, Proenza Schouler, and Altuzarra have decamped to Paris. My immediate reaction to some of our most celebrated in-house talent leaving for greener pastures is why? But it’s not all bad news. Not only has the week been reorganized to be one day shorter, woo-hoo!, but there are also a number of high-profile designers staging comebacks and seasonal debuts, as well as a slew of nontraditional locations that take advantage of the spirit of New York.

5 fashion week must have items

As a reporter of trends, I like to incorporate some of them, (insert sock booties), into my wardrobe for the new season ahead. Here is a list of my favorite accessories that I know I will be wearing time and time again. And not just for fashion week!

Bold earrings

Big earrings are my jam and they can make your outfit pop. I wear them on a daily basis and will be breaking them out for fashion week. I can be wearing the simplest outfit but adding a pair of bold earrings turn up the game.

bold earrings


Small Camera

If there is anything I love more than fashion, it’s photography. I consider myself an amateur photographer at best but if really doesn’t make my fashion week pictures pop off the page. I just ordered this Olympus one as a birthday gift to myself as I wanted something pocket-size that will fit in my purse and has wifi.


Statement Bag

Even if you’re look is simple, a statement bag will change the game. The brand Cult Gaia  caught my eye a few months ago and I waited to purchase the mini black one, my new obsession. No, it doesn’t fit much, but its a great piece that I will wear time and time again.

statement bag


Something Denim

There is a 99% chance that I will be wearing a denim jacket this season, and guaranteed you will see me wearing jeans. Fashion week is exhausting, and switching from heels to flats day in and day out calls for some comfort. I used to put on jeans at the end of the week. Now I just wear them because I live in them. This time around I will dress them up with some cool belts.



A Touch of White 

Who says you can’t wear white after Labor Day? Whoever put that notion into your head is completely incorrect. I love wearing white throughout all seasons all you have to do is switch to a heavier fabric. Choose silks, linens, and wool over eyelet and sheer fabrics. I love this dress because it can be worn in the summer right into fall.

white dress

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Photos: Bri Elledge 

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