On the Rocks

Just when you got yourself in a summer groove, Fall lurks around the corner. But who says, you can’t take the spirit of endless summer home with you? Of course for us New Yorkers, endless summer means hot, humid, or unsure or when it wants to be downright nasty. On the West Coast, the motto, “Don’t sweat the small stuff” surely rings true, but when you are a New Yorker it’s more like “Just go ahead and sweat it out.”  But every New Yorker needs a break. The clear thoughts that have entered my brain this past week are a consequence of taking a 5-day reprieve in Baja from all things alcohol-related, chocolate, and WiFi. I did have withdrawals, mainly from the chocolate. Just kidding it was the WiFi. Consequently, I hope I have gained some additional brain cells via osmosis. Thank you desert air and open sky. So today on the Fashion Hunter, we study the season of the Peter Pan collar that was the SS ’12 Collections, adding an element of dainty floral glitter, and a few rocks to celebrate the final hurrahs of Summer 2012. Viva the vintage sweet lemon layer cake white dress. The below photos portray the true essence of summer.

This Lauren Moffatt dress begs for a cool pair of yellow tinted sunglasses, and gold gladiator clogs for the sunlight reflects on all things shiny. You can layer this dress with a bandeau top, slip into a pair of simple ballet flats, and don your favorite floral ring to create a look that is as sweet and zesty as lemon curd and marscarpone. Watch me serve you some cake. With a Gif.

In the Gif above, I’m like “Look how I can twirl!” My sheer underlay is like, “Look I show off too!” My hair is like” This wind is killing my vibe!”  And my body is like “This is the most comfortable dress and shoes I can think of to leap over rocks under the Brooklyn Bridge!”

That is it for now. Happy Monday. Enjoy the sunshine, have a beer. Lauren Moffatt dress, SuperSunglasses shades in Electric Yellow, Loeffler Randall Inge ankle-wrap clogs. Photos by Michael Crook.

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  1. Ben Martin

    Luv the animated GIF file!

    Hard to fathom how much more emotion a few moving pics captures here versus the stills.

    At least that’s my opinion 🙂

    bennychickenlegs “midwest boy”

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