cozy sweaters for fall

Non-Boring Sweater Report

non-boring sweater report

non boring sweater market report

cozy sweaters

Sezane sweater

Lilienthal Berlin watch

Re/Done jeans

Sam Edelman boots

Getting dressed in the winter really sucks. Due to major temperature fluctuations, layer upon layer goes in planning my daily outfits. Hello November. Hiding in my closet are those coats, the coat, now the star of the season. Another hidden perk is collecting all my wool sweaters, hats, gloves, scarves, cashmere socks, and fuzzy boots from the cobwebs. Cool! And wearing the same turtlenecks from last season can be great, as long as they are not boring. Clothing will always excite me, but when its this cold, brrrr!, it’s a much harder task. With the upcoming holiday season, sequins, and all, the time is now to up your game. Luckily for you me and the collective us, there are many different non boring sweater options in the market. Consider this your guide to fall sweaters, a non-boring sweater report.

Also, what perfect timing for getting really dressed for those upcoming events on your calendar. Add a fun sleeve. Or grab the last pick from the Sézane Fall lookbook.

Finding non-boring sweaters

The main focus is the dirty combination of sweaters and jeans. The most boring and obvious, yet it’s the most comfortable combo there is. What do you look for in a head-to-toe combination? First of all, go with what looks and feels good on you. I found this v-neck delicate jumper with a ribbon tie way more playful than most ivory sweaters. Slouchy in just the right places, sexy in all the others.

non boring sweater report

cozy sweaters


Next look for a fun detail. An added bonus. Draped sleeves. Cool color combos. Vintage vibes. Whatever floats your boat, but do it like you love those Christmas sweaters.

Add playful accessories 

Not only can you wear a cool sweater but now it’s time for the fun in fashion. Accessorize!

A statement watch

I recently teamed up with Lilienthal Berlin to showcase their new Urbania collection watches and I truly am in love. I customized my watch in a bright pretty red that adds a festive vibe to my dull wrist.

Lilienthal Berlin


The fannypack

Gucci fannypack


Add a leopard bootie

leopard boots

Another big trend for fall is the leopard boots. As much as I love wearing sneakers, give those kitten heels a try. In addition, they are so comfortable and especially for walking all over the city. Animal instinct, meow!

Here are some of my favorites.

lilienthal berlin


Lilienthal Berlin


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Photos: Bri Elledge 


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  1. It all in the details! Love your look for its uniqueness! The wide V-neck sweater in white color ideally suits blue jeans. I love the way it’s complemented with leopard booties and red watches. The lace lingerie peeking out the sweater makes this outfit look a bit sultry. Anyway, Love it!
    Daisy from

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