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Fanny Packs

Fanny Packs

photo: Lydia Hudgens 

It didn’t hit me until I went to visit the MOMA’s new exhibit, Items: Is Fashion Modern? this past weekend. Fanny packs, one of the most beautiful and functional things to come from the fashion world, have finally earned their spot among other masterpieces in the Museum of Modern Art. Not only that, but on a more personal level, my first designer bag was a Prada nylon fanny pack. One of my favorites, it was black and fit a small wallet, and a flip phone. Now who can remember that? That bag is now in the hands of someone who stole it from me on one of my European trips. Now that bum pack is sorely missed. The fanny pack included in their new exhibit—Items: Is Fashion Modern?— is not exactly the platonic ideal of the waist-purse. But its placement in the museum is representative of all fanny packs.

How to style the belt bag

The belt bag can be styled or unstyled in so many different ways. It can be worn to the gym, to work, date night, or just running errands like me pictured below.

For date night, wear a belt bag over a dress and style with over-the-knee boots. it’s such an easy chic way to dress up an outfit. There are many belt bags for Fall in velvet, which adds a touch of luxe to any look. Especially for the holidays!

In addition, the belt bag is one of the biggest trends of the moment. The hands-free option has become a favourite statement piece for the new season. So if you’re not sure about whether or not to buy into the trend, consider this to be the time. Shop the current favorite of the season below.

fanny pack

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Photo: Bri Elledge 


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