Navy Nuances

Us New Yorkers love to complain. Either its too hot, or during the deep freeze, über decides to raise its already sky-high rates, or the fact that the upcoming Superbowl crowds and impending 574,857,209,384th storm might wreak havoc on our city. Yesterday it snowed, and after asking on Twitter why frostbite wasn’t trending, I found it. Hashtag #itsfuckingfreezing. The smiles through my wind-blown hair will only last for so long. Let’s face it, winter sucks. The way I see it, I’d much rather sweat, than lose all feelings in my fingers care of a vicious cold front. Unless I’m skiing in the Rocky Mountains, that is.

The only road block presented here is a fashion conundrum. Trying to look chic in this weather is borderline irritating. Ditto repeating the same sweaters over and over. Sometimes I just want to wear all black, you know? But black can be draining and downbeat as much as it can be slimming and chic. And if not on these sunny winter days, when else can I try out a color scheme of navy blue in all its inky expensive-looking glory? Answer: never.

The good news is, I am abiding by my New Year’s Resolutions, trying not to shop, and although shoe options this time of year are bleak, I am sticking to self-taught layering tactics that lead to a simple fashion uniform that is unfailingly chic. And because black is a little outmoded, its navy or bust.

Navy blue

vanessa bruno cashmere sweater // moschino pant // iris & ink coat, get a similar one here // acne  pistol boots


club monaco hat // tom ford sunnies // efva attling necklace // essie nail polish

navy coat

navy hat

navy coat

Navy coat


Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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