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You have heard this before but today is the day to read it again. A new year is like a blank book. It is your chance to fill the pages with a beautiful story for yourself. The past years are just chapters in your life and chapters close but only in anticipation of new ones being written.

Before we go forward though, we should take a minute or two and reflect on what was the past 365 days. I call this an important step to bury to hatchet of what didn’t work, tie up the loose ends that did, and look at the photo album that was 2014.

I believe that self-improvement and growth is something that should be on your mind all year long, but I also appreciate the can-do spirit of the new year, and the goals that come along with it.

Whether your resolution is mental, physical, spiritual, or (yes) sartorial, growth can only ever be a positive thing.

For 2015, I have listed my resolutions on paper, solidifying their validity.

1. I will continue to evolve and challenge myself.

2. I will read thirty minutes every day.

3. I will love everybody in my life.

The year-end ritual is just a conversation piece to pass by the time, unless you make it your reality. Why do we make resolutions that we just can’t keep, like going to the gym every single day?

Or starting that diet.

Maybe because it is an unattainable goal and we want to torture ourselves with our previous failures? I can only live my life to the max, and to stay humble while doing it.

But before I go, I want to thank every single one of you. I wouldn’t get to do this blog that I love so much without your encouragement, readership, comments and love. It is so, so appreciated.

2015. BRING. IT. ON.

So many cheers,

xo Stephanie



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