Labor Day Getaway

There are a few details that contribute to my happiness regarding hitting the road and getting out-of-town. First and foremost, I am an irrational packer, taking way too many things. Packing for me is quite paralyzing because I am afraid of anything awry. Second to this, I hate living out of a suitcase. The thought of a mobile closet doesn’t sit well with me — chiefly because I like to have options, and wear what I feel like wearing, not what is directly in front of me.

This last quick summer getaway Labor Day weekend though, things will be different. As the final weekend before September comes way too soon, the constant shlepping, packing and unloading, is getting gruesomely tiring. It has taken me till the 24th hour of August to realize that it just doesn’t matter to anybody else what I am wearing except me.

Finally, whether you are heading to Palm Springs, Maine, or Montauk, enjoy the moments, savor the smells, and take it all in for whatever its worth. I have my predictions for what will be happening on the streets come September, so I’m just planning now on what I am going to wear in the coming weeks.

denim shorts


Photos: Michael Crook

denim shorts

Here’s what I am packing for the long weekend: a white T-shirt, a denim shirt to tie over my shoulders in case it gets cool, denim shorts for morning noon and night, wedge sandals, a pair of white sneakers, and a bikini. And a bag to pack it all in.

Shop the look here and don’t forget the click on the photo to head right to the website. Happy Friday!

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