Isabel Marant

Leave it to fashion’s darling and pioneer Isabel Marant to transform her entire collection to the Wild Wild West and head to Paris…Texas. Yoked cowboy shirts, lace prairie blouses, leather goucho pants– that’s right gouchos, and suede booties slide into an effortless covetable collection. What a sweet french take on cowboy. Some of my favorites consisted of strong items like the lace on cropped crew necks, and sexy leather dresses. Her signature cropped jeans now come in leather with fringe detail. There will be a waiting list for these come August.

I love the low slung hip belts and the shoes. The pointy toes, the cowboy stitching. I should have been a shoe blogger. More on that another time.

 photos: Talkshoes.comhey crazy

Watch the video below, get into the groove, and listen to Foot Stompin by the Flares. You too will be in awe of the je ne sais quoi effect.


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