Alexander McQueen

Sarah Burton showed her latest collection for McQueen in Paris and what a powerful enchanting show it was. It looked like an explosion of pink and white cotton candy. Or petals made of organza and feather if you will. Ms. Burton’s theme, “A beautiful future” was translated into a show that was a mix between school girl, and Snow Queen. She opened with cream wool jacquard coatdresses with bell-shape skirts and frothy Mongolian lamb collars.  At the halfway point, the shapes began to grow—it was as though an invisible string had been pulled. There were detachable fur neck pieces paired with embroidered, powder pink leather dresses with curved, oversized shoulders, calf-long sleeves, and UGG-like boots. It was outrageous. As for outerwear, Snow Man-like coats were worn with large silver belts.Three dresses came out, blossoming in layer upon  layer of printed chiffon — in shades of red-orange, lilac, silver-gray — and each was roundish and soft like flower petals. Check out the finale, it consisted of off the shoulder red ruby dresses with giganto fur hemlines. Yeti-like? Yes. Wearable? Not sure this fits in to the rational working woman’s wardrobe. Ultimately, it was a dreamlike spectacle to once again turn us on our heads. At the end of an extensive fashion month, it was the icing on the cake.



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