Indelible Ink from NYFW

New York Fashion Week has come and gone and the fashion circus is currently cavorting in London. As February drags on and we continue to get more snow days, really??, editors begin to leave for Milan, and then Paris. And I’ll have the FOMO disease like everyone else scrolling through their Instagram feed. But I digress.

As I reflect back on the week (more like 10 days) that were New York Fashion Week, I realize that there is a lot that happens. And it’s not just fashun with a capital F. It’s when the craziness of fashion week ends, with back-to-back shows and appointments with barely time to inhale some nourishment, I am wistful that it’s over, feel an emptiness for that constant high, and have the chance to reflect back.

“But aren’t you fried, exhausted, and ready for this nonsense  to end?” my peers ask, as I hit the shows enthusiastic as ever even with a few broken ribs. Yes, I’m still tired and certainly recovering, but I also feel deflated, like it came too fast and ended too soon.

Fashion week brings a jolt of caffeinated energy to Manhattan’s already electric streets, and it was filled with sequins, glitter, , and lots of bright colors. The memories are all we have left. I went for the clothes, but left with so much more than just wisps of fabric. Here’s my  top 10 moments from fashion week.

1. This banging tune at Lacoste

Was awesome but not secondary to the clothes. The looks were reminiscent of a golf pro, yet this season, Felipe Oliveira Baptista spun those archaic uniforms into something that could realistically be seen on his acolytes in their twenties and thirties. Knits spun from virgin wool, monogrammed beanies, oversize coats, and loose, menswear-inspired pants were a hit on the runway. It was a nod to Lacoste’s eternally playful joie de vivre.


But this song by Barry White, “It’s Ecstasy When You Lay Down Next to Me” is the real deal. Listen.

2. Cocoon Coats at Rebecca Taylor

“Slouchy modern, and cool”, Taylor’s fall lineup was filled with strong, feminine staples that will remain in wardrobes for seasons to come. Outerwear, was a standout in a sea of fuzzy sweaters, and what really shined. Vests with buckled shearling turtlenecks, leather trim, and zip details were super-slick, but the wool cocoon coats were Taylor’s pride and joy. This one in storm gray—paired with a baby blue chain-embellished sweater and crackled leather skinnies won my heart.

Rebecca Taylor

Rebecca Taylor

3. The streaker at Prabal Gurung show

The clothes were, duh, awesome, but although you’ve probably heard it a zillion times, this streaker dressed in a crown, trench coat and what appeared to be a jockstrap – made fashion waves. Sorry Prabal.

Prabal Gurung streaker

4. The patterned prints at Proenza

One of the highlights of my week was watching the Proenza boys just plain working it. The spongy jacquards naturally led to sculptural shapes, and their generously cut jackets with hourglass waists, and flaring hips on “trippy” prints were a fantastic, fast and furious burst of energy from the rest of the shows. For them, it’s all pump up the volume, and push it to the limits, in an almost tiger-like but resembling wood, that make it, well, you know, fashion.

Proenza Schouler

5. Weryoo App

Tag line: Because if you weren’t there, it didn’t happen. During fashion week you will most often find me posting photos on instagram of the looks that strike me garnering a crowd that likes the same things I do. But as I furiously check my phone, it’s hard to know whether these grammars are sitting right next to me or on the other side of the Atlantic. I like talking and listening to others right after a show ends, but most of us race to the exit to get to the next event. Enter Weryoo, or–where you there?– to resemble a delicate combination of Four Square, Facebook, Twitter, and instagram all in one.  At first I had trouble as you have to take photos using the camera on the app itself. After that, it was smooth sailing. You take a pic, upload it, use numerous hashtags like #NYFW and #NYStyle, the app locates you, and people who are near can comment right away or even come up to you to ask you for a smoke. Just kidding. Check it out on the app store.All you need is an eye for capturing the essential moment and sharing it. Get it here.

6. Tweed at Timo

Who wants to be one of the cool kids? The coolest of the cool downtown chicks walked the runway at Timo Weiland’s show. Recent graduates of the CFDA Incubator Program, designers Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein, and Donna Kang are a triple threat in terms of creating casual luxury with a fashion-forward twist. That was accomplished with this striped tweed tuxedo coat that is on my list for must haves for Fall . The collection was part school girl-gone-bad, part rock n’ roll. Sign me up.

Timo Weiland

7. Robing at Altuzarra

If robe coats are New York City winter’s answer to wrapping up like a cozy blanket, I’ll take it times ten. Take the double-face navy cashmere wrap coat with generous cobalt blue shawl collar that opened the Altuzarra show. It was a model of timeless refinement, built for just we are asking for. Finding beauty in comfort.


8. Feathers at Jenny Packham

If models had wings, many of them would have been able to fly home from the runway shows this season. Peckham injected a whole lot of  Bianca Jagger-tinged eccentricity into her pretty gowns and glittery separates. There were sequins, crystals, and loads of satin looks, but the feathers, the feathers!

Jenny Packham

9. Ponytails at Noon by Noor

Sure the berry lips lend a big pop, but just wait until the model turns around. Bam! The most voluminous ponytail ever.

Noon By Noor

10.  Menswear-inspired loafers at Tracy Reece

There were classic loafer silhouettes and feminized versions of dressy lace-ups you’re likely to find in any man’s closet, popping all over the fall runways and I couldn’t be happier. Petite I shall be, but my feet will thank me for it. Designers on the New York runways illustrated an obsession with loafers and brogues and these are, by far, the winners.

Tracy Reese

And a final shout out goes to Verizon Wireless for loaning me the Samsung Galaxy Note, for the awesome photos during fashion week the many people who help me navigate those icy streets, and the wonderful PR people who accommodated my need to garner a seat during the shows.

Stay tuned for more updates at the end of the week!

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