A One-Piece Wonder


Three things.

The first: They say that style is personal and fashion is a state of mind, stay true to your own beliefs and not to follow the trends of the season. Although I wholeheartedly agree, it largely depends on the fact that different cities develop and fine tune cues that become indigenous to their regions. These cues are ultimately influenced by circumstantial details — a city that snows 200 days a year, i.e.: New York or Carbondale, vs. a place where social culture depends on the amount of sunshine, or nightlife, i.e.: Miami and Los Angeles. These circumstantial truths ultimately becomes what separates your city’s style from another’s. Case in point. This was taken during the madness of fashion week and as much as I wanted to bare my legs or drape that jacket over my shoulders, who was I kidding? It was really really cold, making looking stylish in any way shape of from, quite difficult to master.

The second: I wore a lot of  easy pieces that I could throw out without much thought. My raison d’être is to stand in front of my closet and while gazing at all my clothes, there are days that I am running late, am tired, and just want to feel cozy. Enter the one piece wonder – the denim jumpsuit. From the runway to real life, jumpsuits are still going strong. Plus, they make getting dressed a cinch. But since they’re not all cut from the same cloth, there are a few things to keep in mind. Read on.

denim jumpsuit

Keep the rest of your look simple. Throw on some single-sole pumps in green suede, and add a pop of color in the look for spring. I love the slouchy look, so I went for ultimate comfort being that I was running from show to show even with a few broken ribs. Consider which pant shape is most flattering on you—cropped, skinny, or wide—and try a similar one when jumpsuit shopping.

denim jumpsuit

The third: A big thank you goes to Hotel Belleclaire for hosting me during fashion week! This small, upscale boutique hotel just steps away from Lincoln Center’s backyard made getting to those 9am shows so much easier. Not to mention the sophisticated amenities, C.O. Bigelow products, luxurious Frette linens, amazing blowouts by Sam Villa, and the best knowledgeable concierge service that will do a midnight run to the Apple store just in case you forgot your charger.

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denim jumpsuit

denim jumpsuit

Photos: Lydia Hudgens

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