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So many shoes, so little money time. As a busy blogger, fashion stylist, and mom, it is challenging to walk around in 5-inch heels all day without feeling the pain on my feet and occasionally, in my wallet. My new way of shopping, which is very beneficial, is when I see something I love, I walk away from it, think about it, and ponder the shopping addiction waves running through my brain. The thought process goes something like this: what is the damage to my credit card (usually terrible) and will these shoes fit my closet? ( Yes, I will sell ). So I wait. And I return back to the store or the website. It was these pair of shoes below that got me going last month when I was figuring out my big spring shoe splurge. I hadn’t found the exact dose of mules, platforms, or what have you, to whip out the card. But these booties proved irresistible. They are light-colored, open-toe, car wash flaps/large eyelashes which peek over my toes. With just enough downtown edge to feel dangerous they are so cool, right?

So the question might have been, if these shoes were from a blog post called “If the world wide web was my closet…”, would I have bought them? Probably. But, since they are already on my blue toenails, it is therefore rendered too late. Check. Done. Finito. Alas, I have already calculated about how many times I need to wear them ( roughly 60) to make this purchase totally worthwhile financially. At $900 a pair, and at $15 a look, I think its totally worth it. Don’t forget these are investment shoes. Ones that I will hopefully wear over and over again. I already wore them 5 times and its only April 11th. I can wear them with jumpsuits, jeans, rompers, and even colored jeans like I wore in the below pic. Remember this post? (Click here) .. spring has just begun!

Jimmy Taverniti jeans, Jason Wu for Target top, LF tote

Photo: Michael Crook 

Don’t forget it was a mere month ago that I was declaring the return of the pump, or a pointy-toe shoe that I may or may not embrace for fashion’s sake. Platforms are returning for Fall. Case in point, I will admit that comfort for comforts sake is totally worth it. And believe it or not, these Maison Martin Margiela booties are as comfortable as they get. And they most certainly are having a moment. Apparently so is my butt. And at $895. You really should think about it. Or not. Available here Margiela boots.


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