If the shoe fits


Jes Wade top, Dannijo necklace, William Rast jeans, Christian Louboutin shoes, Parker leather jacket, Devi Kroll clutch

Last night I co-hosted a fabulous “Meet the Bloggers” event at Ruia, a quaint shoe boutique in Soho with two other bloggers, Lera of FashionAddictDiary.com, and Mariana of MSFabulous.com. In case you missed it, (I did Tweet you an invite) there were plenty libations, lively conversation abound, and the rooms were buzzing. Questions were raised about who bloggers are and what we do. The long and the short of it is how we are monopolizing social media, (i.e.: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, et al.) captivating the attentions of brands, and how the countless hours spent in front of a computer screen do pay off. Truth be told, writing can at times be a lonely gig, but the beauty of blogging is events like these where I can share my ideas with others. If you were there, thank you for coming!  I hope you weren’t too offended by my hair debacle, where I failed to show up to my blow out, due to unforeseen city traffic, therefore leaving my locks frizzzzed out and pulled up in a pony. My messy hair added character to the story. Non-plussed, after my 15 minutes of blah blah blah, I asked members of the audience to ask me anything they wanted to hear. I wanted everyone to come away with having learned one thing from the evening, and not just take home a pair of amazing shoes at a heavily discounted price. Ask me, ask me anything! One reader, lo and behold, a shoe designer from Russia, asked me to look at her current design sketches; to hear my opinion. Flattered, I politely told her it’s important to follow the trends in footwear, but she should listen to her own heart and create the shoes of  her Sex and the City dreams. Shoes have massive personalities just like people do. There are bright cheerful shoes, descriptive, magnetic shoes, bow-adorned sweet shoes, you get the picture. Not every shoe fits everybody the same way, each last is different, every foot built different. Accessories, especially shoes, always make or break an outfit. And yes, I peeked at her line. It’s awesome. Listen to your inner Carrie Bradshaw. A store after my own heart. Click below to see pics from the conversation. Tootles!

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