How to Wear This Season’s It Color Red

long duster coat

Long duster coat

Hey guys! Today I will be sharing my love for the color red, this season’s it color, to brighten up our wardrobe and some fashion week essentials that I find necessary to tell all every year. My favorite part about fashion week used to be dashing from show to show. When the venues are spread all over the city, its a race to see all the designers collections. In the same way that I love seeing all the designers, I also love seeing my friends and people I don’t see all year long. And of course, dressing up! This year, on Valentine’s Day, I ran into a bunch of colleagues at the shows that I made it to this season. Indeed, I had to throw on some red for the festivities ahead. How to wear this season’s it color red is pretty simple. Whether you are a blonde or brunette, red is bold, and looks good on most everyone.

How to Wear This Season’s it Color Red

Red as a color symbolizes fire and blood, so it is associated with energy, war, danger, strength, power, determination. Not to mention, passion, desire, and love symbols of Valentine’s Day. Red is also a very emotionally intense color. It enhances human metabolism, increases respiration rate, and raises blood pressure. Despite not owning more that a few red pieces, I added what I had in my closet. I chose a red hat, and bag. and a pair of red hot patent booties. Those are the statement shoe of the season.

My personal recipe for a day at February fashion week is a big belted swing coat that I can wear from train to cab, and show to show. As they say, a duster coat a day keeps the doctor away. I am obsessed with the idea of a belted coat with a zillion pockets for all the invites and press releases. One small bag to hold phones, snacks, and Mophies; flat boots for running around come rain, sleet, or snow; and a hat to stay warm.

how to wear this seasons it color red

free people red beanie

h&m striped shirt

Veronica Beard ivory dickie

Dvf duster coat, shop similar or here

The Frankie Shop sweatpants, shop similar here or here

Gucci bag

Red patent boots, shop here, or here

red Gucci bag

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