how to achieve salon worthy hair

How To Get Salon Worthy Hair in Three Easy Steps

How to get salon worthy hair without going to the salon for help. I face this dilemma on a daily basis. My hair has never been my strong point, and unfortunately for me, bad hair genes run in my family. My beauty-slash hair maintenance program is fairly straightforward. I wake up and my baby hairs are twisted in many different directions except down. To combat this, I wet it and blast them with heat. I have been using a wand which has burned my forehead numerous times causing blisters on my face. I am addicted to keeping my baby hair right in the front, straight. This requires a lot of work not to mention the fact that my hair is damaged from using so many chemicals. I stopped detesting all the girls with slick thick hair who rolled out of bed looking like they “woke up like that.” Honestly, I just wanted to have Kim Kardashian hair, who had her baby hairs lasered off. To be realistic, I went to the salon on a weekly basis to cure my low self-esteem about my hair. This left me with a depleted bank account and no solution to the problem. Until I found the just right products for my hair and a stylist paid close attention to me, was I able to achieve my hair goals. The do-it-yourself hair will never be like I just walked out of the temple that is somebody else’s magic touch, but it is pretty dark close. Here is my guide on how to get salon worthy hair in three easy steps.

Here is my guide on how to get salon worthy hair in three easy steps.

how to get salon worthy hair in three easy steps

blonde hair

I went to Julien Farel Salon at The Loews Regency Hotel for a day of beauty where the stylist advised me not to highlight my blonde locks, but he would use the Balayage treatment. Balayage, for those of you who don’t know, is a technique where the color painted on the hair, and not foiled, which is supposedly less damaging on the hair. So I tried it.

Julien Farel

Julien Farel

After the treatment, I was told to get a “dusting” by Sandrine because I had split ends and my hair was uneven. I rarely cut my hair, but listened to her, and am so happy with the results. I was also given a product called Hydrate Restore to apply once a week, and this Magnifique serum on the days I don’t shampoo my hair. There is so much maintenance involved, but like anything else, it takes time and energy to achieve those beautiful hair #goals.

Here are the three easy steps to achieving salon-worthy hair.

Cut your hair more often that you think.

Take care of your hair like you would anything else that you love.

Use the proper products for your hair type.

So simple, right?

salon worthy hair

When I left I had multi-dimensional blonde locks, without the damage.

Take a peek at the result. This will always be my hair so I will have to start to love it. Because nobody else will.

Julien Farel



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