Holiday Gifts for Everyone

holiday gifts for everyone

It’s officially holiday time, deck the halls, which means it’s prime shopping season. We have been there before, remember the drill? The holidays are also a time of year when we are bombarded with gift guides, Black Friday, Cyber Monday and End of Season sales. It’s the perfect storm for buying gifts for everyone, including yourself. This is the time of year when I love to buy that one thing for myself that I’ve been coveting. I can promise you its a simple running pouch. The holidays always beg the question, what do I get my best friend? My siblings? My Mom? Even worse, my husband? The major benefit to gift buying is the actual giving. This is tailored towards holiday gifts for everyone. Whatever you do, DO NOT regift that candle. See SNL The Christmas Candle.

Is there such thing as the perfect gift? Scroll down to shop holiday gifts for everyone on your list.

Don’t be a scrooge. There is gratification that comes along with getting someone the PERFECT gift. I know, there is no such thing as perfect, but pretty good is close enough. I wear many hats, and if someone were to buy me a cookbook, I would be happy. A gift card to one of my favorite stores. Yes, please. A manicure pedicure, or sports massage? Of course the gift of spaaaa and relaxation is always well-received. I do pride myself on being a very thoughtful and personal gift giver. Yes, the season is all about giving. In addition, to help you out, I have decided to do a gift guide that you can use as you scour the world wide web. A little trick: always think of the smile on the other person’s face when they see your gift. It will make your day. P.S. These pajamas are the bomb.

holiday gifts for everyone

Hey Big Spender

The modern day fashionista loves to be inspired by something new. This is a difficult feat. Trust me. It doesn’t have to be about gifting clothing. As much as my husband loves me, I have to send my husband links so he knows what to buy me. Clothes are personal, and for that very reason, therefore, it’s not a great idea to gift fashion. Opt instead for a gift card to one of her favorite stores or websites. My current favorites are ShopbopNet-A-Porter, Revolve, and Bandier for athleisure wear. The fashion girl loves clothing, shoes, and accessories, and that goes without saying. How about gifting her a great fashion book or a subscription to some cool indie magazinesThe Coveteur’s latest book is on my hit list.

A huge fan of traveling whenever I can, anything relating to jumping on a plane is a great gift for basically anyone. Shop the products below my my top favs.

At-Home Chef

It’s no question that I love to cook. And plenty of people love to stay in and cook especially this time of year when it’s cold and ugly outside. There are special tools that I use in the kitchen that I can’t do without. There are tools that I would love to have but wouldn’t buy myself. here are my favorite tools.

Exercise guru

I go to the gym on a regular basis to relive stress and get those ya-yas out. The hardest part is… just getting there. I find it inspiring to be with others who are also sweating it out. I love to mix up my routine: one day I will box, do yoga, pilates, and am actually trying meditation out for the first time. With that said, I grab my favorite water bottle from Swell, and wear the latest fitness gear. I recently got the know a new line by Six.02 which has the best fitness gear on the planet. I am especially fond of anything by FENTY right now. It just feels so new.

The Man in Your Life

Men are so hard to buy gifts for. They don’t know what they want and when you ask them, they usually say “I don’t know.” I can only speak from experience but that’s the story in my life. It’s frustrating, but at the end of the day, if they have a hobby, its always best to add to that. For example, if he’s a runner, get him gear. Golf? Technology? Loves to travel, eat out, play guitar, sing songs? Or he’s into poetry. Whatever he is into at the moment, contribute! Or just get a gift card. He will thank you.

Anything else you are interested in, hit me up!

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