High Waisted

Summer Fridays are a time when most of us get out of work early, or at least try to, and bolt out town. I know because I am one of the masses. Especially this week when its been unbearably hot. I know I cannot wait to jump in the pool, relax by the beach, and just chill out. So I bet you’re wondering what to wear in the depths of your closet that will take you from office, to train or car, straight to a BBQ without looking too underdressed (no jorts please). How about a pair of high-waisted shorts? Frankly, I can’t even fathom wearing anything but simple, no-more-than-two-piece white ensembles.

Today on NY Fashion Hunter, we continue our study of Five Foot Fridays, Part 2 of the summer series, with a quick study of big shorts. Just to be clear, this is intended for those of us blessed with everything but vertical stature or a courageous attitude to pull it off. So many petite women often get down on themselves about having a small stature. One look at stylish petite girls like Natalie Portman, Amy Poehler, and the Olsen twins, just to name a few, more than proves the point that not everyone is long and lithe. I will try to dispel that myth.

And what a better way to wear your pride than a graphic emblazoned with your city of love. Because nobody loves New York more than the true die-hard New Yorkers, who love their city sticky, stinky, and sweltering. TGIF.



I’m wearing a SheInside NYC top, Lauren Moffatt white shorts, 3.1 Phillip Lim clutch, K Jacques linen flip flops. nOir ID necklace, Super by RETROPSUPERFUTURE sunglasses, bracelets by Vita Fede, and Vensessa Artizaga, Dannijo friendship bracelet worn as anklet.



Photos: Michael Dumler

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