Happy Birthday to the King Of Cool

Today’s news is very beginning of January-like, see: Lindsay Vonn electing out of the Olympics in Sochi, the Polar Vortex strangling the nation which means more cancelled flights, the battle over gay marriage in Utah, The NYTimes.com announces a redesign, and the fact that 1 out of every 10 teenagers doesn’t exercise enough to have the CDC concerned. Well, the best news of all is that today is David Bowie’s 67th birthday.

We all know David Bowie is G-d.

I’ve decided to celebrate this day with this song, ‘Fashion’ back from 1980. It’s not like he’s 67 and disappearing into the rocking world of fame. He is always keeps us surprised and re-emerging with panache.

Bowie fans will never forget the morning 365 days ago when ‘Where Are We Now?’ emerged on the internet from nowhere, and at last we could rejoice that Bowie was back. Given the health scares and the rumours, the impact couldn’t have been greater. The perfectly executed stunt set a precedent which saw Beyoncé do something similar, though on a grander scale, in December.

David Bowie, always surprising, always innovating, always one step ahead of the game. Happy Freaking Birthday to The Thin White Duke!

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