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Packing for a trip is never an easy task. Packing for a sunny climes is simple: throw on a few bikinis, jumpsuits, flip flops, sunscreen, caftans, some bling, and a hat or two for frolicking on the beach and you’re good to go.

Alternately, packing for a ski vacation is rough. The alpine slopes are hovering at a high of 35 degrees during the day with a low of 15 degrees in the evenings. Factor in the wind, the mountains, yeah, it’s freakin’ freezing. Layers and layers of down-filled thermo-packed insulated crap weighs a lot more than the allotted 50 pounds, thank you, and there’s so much stuff to pack, it’s insane.

I may never be Lindsey Vonn, but nevertheless, I love hitting the slopes, armed with my gear and here’s why. The mountain air. The 12,000 vertical feet waiting underneath my dangling skiis as I sway on the chairlift cum gondola anticipating the ride down. Cue the blaring music, the all-white mountains ahead of you, and finding that sweet spot whilst carving the perfect turn. Schussing down the groomed trail, carefully navigating my turns on the double black bumps, and cruising down at the end of the day, aprés ski boots and hot cocoa waiting down below. Ahhhhh.

aspen highlands

Now that I think about it, hitting that lodge is my favorite part of the day. Warding off frostbite is the daily goal. I’m one of those women who get cold. It’s definitely one of my top complaints. But I have discovered more than a few ski items you may need for survival. One of them is hand and toe warmers. The other is to head to Aspen, where hot instructors teach it’s so painstakingly chic off the slopes I might never ski. Just kidding.

Peek at my must-have mountain guide down below and don’t forget about the fashion show after dark. Ridge of Bell to Little Nell ready or not.

what to pack for a ski tripGucci goo ski goggles // Fendi tech jacket // Chanel skis // Jonathan Adler ski hat // Goat ski sweater // Armani and only Armani would make padded ski trousers// Moon boots could be the best thing to happen to skiing // Lacroix white fur collar for extra warmth // as for the necessities: a helmet for protection,  PhD “ski light” socks for your feet// Sugar lip balm and Chantecaille sunscreen protects your face and lips from the elements.

Most of all, read a book, cozy up to the wild animals, and enjoy the ride. There are no hard and fast rules. You don’t want to have your name scribbled on the ski message board to see the Fashion Police. Whether trekking through the snow or just tweeting in the lodge, no matter what the weather, you’ll be ready to fly.

Shop the post. Aren’t you going to miss me? Bye!

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