3.1 Phillip Lim Vendetta Cross-body bag

Bags are back

in a new more modern sporty-sleek silhouette. The messenger style bag had its place in the sun (recall the neon Cambridge Satchel from two seasons ago) which in some circles might still seem relevant, but this clean-hands-free black and white satchel seems to be earning a place in my heart. Every season, namely right during fashion week, the death and rise of an IT bag comes into major play on the streets of New York. That is not to say that last season’s PS 1 or 11 briefcase, or the infamous Celine luggage tote will hide in the closet forever, it just takes a back seat for now. The theory goes like this: Once a bag is seen in excess on everybody’s arm, usually within one week’s time, it is no longer relevant. Before we can make any real decisions on what will be in or not, enter the 3.1 Phillip Lim Vendetta mini cross-body bag, seen above, that might just make the cut. Both the compact shape and the hands-free notion make it a most likely candidate to appear slung over the shoulders of many a– dare I say, fashion victim, in the weeks to come.  Ultimately it is silly to declare anything dead or alive, in or out, so let’s just applause Phillip Lim for this multi-faceted creation that can change from messenger by day to clutch by night. Now that’s an ultra-powerful statement right there. Extra-long strap? Check. Perfect black and white combo? Check. I’m in, are you? Pow!

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