Global Fashion

global fashion

If you love fashion and style like I do, then you know how good you feel when you hit the right note in the personal style department. Clothing expresses both who you are and who the designer is. If you can get dressed in a flash, know what looks good on your body, without following the herd of sheep, you got it made. Here’s the thing, it’s not easy. I take my fashion cues from street style, Instagram, magazines, and my daily life. I use those mediums as a creative space to find my style. I style myself in the mirror for a look that is just right for me at that moment. But sometimes, I fail with a capital F. We are human after all. It remains a challenge to wear clothes different from everybody else without stepping out of my comfort zone or time zone to get there. Traveling around the globe is not an option for me right now. So what is the solution? Global fashion on the world wide web has changed all that.

Just recently, I discovered a website that gives you a fashion tour around the world. Runway Passport is a hub connecting emerging designers around the world with fashion forward customers anywhere. Right here in New York, you can shop and discover exciting and creative designers from places such as Addis Ababa in Ethiopia, Dakar in Senegal, Berlin, Dusseldorf among others. Runway Passport’s motto is that “talent and style should be borderless” and everyone deserve access to great fashion regardless of where you or the designer resides. I completely agree with that!

Just in time for the holidays, I styled an all-black ensemble, perfect for this mild weather we are having in the Northeast with looks from all around the globe.

Global fashion

3d laser cut dress by Myrto Dramountani / vintage YSL velvet jacket

holiday style

Myrto Dramountani, Athens Greece

Vintage YSL velvet jacket, archives in France

Topshop glitter socks, London

Carel patent leather sandals, France. Shop Mary Jane patent leather shoes here

black holiday style


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