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Velvet ropes are tough. Consider the scenario: you plan your outfit, get dressed, sit in traffic, meet up with friends, pay for parking, wait in line, get carded by a bouncer, to then get rejected at the door because you aren’t on the list. Bummer. Everybody wants in, and wants to be part of the fun. Even if you beg and plead, it’s not meant to be. And it’s a terrible pill of rejection to swallow.

Efva Attling

Maybe they don’t like your outfit? What about the shoes that you just got? And the jewelry that is so delicate that shows off your sparkle?

Maybe the party is being held at a small venue that cannot accommodate all the riffraff (even though you know, you’re not part of that scene)

Or just maybe you’re not on the guest list, because it’s a closed party and the host/hostess wants to keep it intimate and you don’t really belong there.

I know that feeling, as I wear this ring to remind me. Just this weekend at Art Basel there was one private party, one of thousands being held, which will remain unnamed, where I didn’t receive a formal invitation. Gasp! I used my name, my blog, my charm, but unfortunately for them, I left, and spilled out on the streets of Miami with the other 50,000 people who were trying to get somewhere cool with a velvet rope. But I ask, is there a better place to find a party than Miami? I think not. FYI– I tried to attend 5 events per night, but it’s just not humanly possible. But let’s face it: New Yorkers could use a little more carpe diem in their bustling lives.

Enter an inclusive holiday party that I am hosting with Effa Attling, a Scandinavian jewelry designer, in Soho this Thursday, from 7-9 pm just in time for your holiday shopping! Her selection of namesake jewelry is whimsical and snappy, using words to describe everyday feelings that we may or may not express. If you happen to be holiday shopping and need a gift, or if you just want to stop by and say hi! and have a cocktail named after me, I would love to see you. You can send your husband/boyfriend, there will be cufflinks there for him too, or buy a gift just for you.  You deserve it. I will be there styling and showcasing as many jewels as will fit on my body. All you have to do is RSVP to the email on the invite down below. No velvet ropes at my party. Just cheer~

Efva Attling - Fashion Hunter

Efva Attling

Bracelets by Efva Attling 

photo by Lydia Hudgens

Efva Attling

Efva Attling Bianca_ret_M Love_beads_kombo

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