Five Beauty Habits You Need to Know

how to up your beauty routine

We all want clear skin, and goddess hair, but at times beauty bliss can seem impossible to achieve. See, the endless quest for youth, and duh, the holidays. A nice glow is possible to achieve with some important steps you may be skipping. Sometimes all it takes is forming habits that will noticeably improve your skin and hair in the long run, which is exactly why I feel compelled to put together this list of five beauty habits you need to know. Scroll down and read some tips for clearer skin, healthier hair, and a happier you. Hadid #goals.

Mask once a week

Dry skin? No matter how many times you cleanse, tone, and moisturize, it might feel like your skin still looks dull, dry, or full of blemishes. Worry not, sometimes all you need to rescue the day is a good weekly mask to work deep into your pores. If you’re feeling dry, go for a hydrating mask like Glossier’s Moon Mask to instantly plump your skin and brighten your complexion. Clogged pores? Reach for this Sarah Chapman mask to flush out dirt, environmental toxins, and impurities. Have some unwanted blemishes? Add this award-winning GlamGlow Supermud to your routine on a weekly basis.

Skip the Blow Dry

We put our hair through a lot especially during the holidays. Between hot dryers, hot tools, and the indoor heat, it’s a good idea to give your mane a break. Try washing your hair at night and letting it air dry, so that you wake up with clean, dry strands. Worried your hair will take a life of its own if you don’t use a hot tool? Rub in a leave-in conditioner like Julien Farel leave in hair conditioner into damp hair and wake up with gorgeous smooth, frizz-free, and shiny locks.


I am big believer in skin protection. I wish I knew the long-term effects of aging when I was a teenager, because the effects never disappear. Experts say that the best thing you can do to protect your skin from aging is to wear sunblock each and every day. Even when it’s cold and it looks like the sun took a day off. Not a fan of how it feels on your skin? Try mixing it into your foundation to get rid of the texture. I like Shiseido’s foundation because its light and reduces redness. Add SPF to your daily routine to protect your skin from harmful UV rays.

Wash your brushes

Cleaning your brushes on a weekly basis not only keeps them in great condition, but removes dirt, oil, and bacteria. It is not the best combination to rub unwanted residue on your face. To wash the brushes properly, I believe in this product by Laura Mercier which cleanses the brushes thoroughly. You can also run your brush bristles under lukewarm water, wash with soap, rinse under lukewarm water again, and gently dry with a towel. Lay your brushes down on the towel to dry overnight, and then use your fresh, clean tools in the morning.

Hydrate, Get Enough Sleep

Easy to say, hard to do. I drink 8-10 glasses of water a day, and also try to get eight hours of sleep per night. I find if I am not well rested or am dehydrated, I can’t function if I don’t get enough rest. There have been studies that show the long-term negative effects of not enough sleep. I also recommend meditation if you can’t fall asleep. These Aveda chakra essential oils have helped me overcome a racing mind and allow’s my body to de-stress.


Five beauty tips to add to your routine

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