Fashion’s Favorite Twins

When Mary Kate and Ashley were super-cute toddler TV stars, I used to think how cute they were but never imagined that they would create a fashion global empire. The Row, their higher priced line, has been on my radar for quite some time. I have also been on the hunt for their contemporary line, Elizabeth and James. To me, they are the cool as in Kool-Aid Kool, girls next door. They have a certain je ne sais quoi about their look and their clothing that is copied world-wide, yet difficult to match. Even I tried to don a Mary Kate last Halloween. These twins aren’t playing games anymore. They’re in the big leagues and here to stay. It truly is a bittersweet notion. Sweet because they are really still in diapers  so young. Bitter because they are too famous, so young, too quick, and that’s well, just not fair. Just kidding, this is America after all. Today on the fashion hunter, I bring you Elizabeth and James Resort 2013 collection launching today on Moda Operandi. Note the high low shirting with all the details on the collar below that seems to so gently erase any curves you might own. And the high waisted shorts? It’s a masculine/ feminine push and pull. So chic, non?

All photos: Moda Operandi.

And don’t forget to click below at some images of the collection including rocking accessories. These should be on your radar.


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